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Referral program

Dear daylily friends,

In February 2018 we start our Referral Program. Considerable discounts are waiting for you. In combination they may achieve from 10 up to 20 percent. It depends on the client status. The procedure is very simple. It is sufficient to be registered in our pages and the program leads you throughout the procedure.

We believe you will be satisfied both with our daylilies and our service.

diamond certainty

If you have any questions how to save and earn you money we are ready to explain all of them. First of all we recommend to watch a video and then to clic here to be aqcuainted with all the possibilities and details. Your savings may evaluate a lot. We are here to share our opinion and experience with you.

One daylily blossom lasts a day. A diamond lasts generations. We know the ways how to make it accessible to our friends. Here is a smartphone screenshot of our account several days after its opening. It works worldwide and really well.

diamond certainty earnings screenshot