Cookies Declaration

In accordance with the law this website saves to your device small text files generally called the cookies.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small text files. By means of them the websites that you have visited are able to remember your activities and settings so that you do not have to repeat them in a near future. Cookies are not dangerous, nevertheless they are significant towards your privacy. It is not possible to use them neither for identification of your identity nor to abuse your registration data.

What kinds of cookies do we use?

We use cookies for instance to safe switchings between PC and mobile screens, to control polling results and so on to keep your prefence settings when browsing our website.

Further, we use the third parties cookies (e.g. Google Analytics). Such cookies are managed by the third parties and we do not have no access to read or edit them.

Approval to save cookies

Most of the browsers automatically accept cookies if they are not set up in a different way. By means of using our website you approve to save cookies files. You can modify or block using cookies in the settings of your web browser. Information about settings of a given web browser is available here: