DELIVERY TERMS for our daylilies

We despatch our daylilies from  May 15 till October 15 with the exception of JUNE. Nevertheless, we do accept orders in June, too, but they are despatched in July. This is valid for all the countries except France.  French customers are subject to the delivery terms in the french version of this e-shop.

Having in mind the higher shipping costs when shipping to some countries we have decided to offer theese customers 3 daylilies of different sorts as a gift (see the list of countries lower).

When you fill-in your order you are informed about the date of delivery in the recapitulation of your order depending on the chosen delivery method.

We are able to deliver our plants practically to any country in the world.



Costs of delivery are based on the price lists of the shipping company (mainly PPL, i.e. DHL).

For France, Belgium, Danemark, Italy, Luxembourg, Hungary, the Netherlands, Rumania, Switherland, and the Great Britain the delivery costs are indemnified by a gift of 3 plants:

The delivery costs in case of above mentioned destinations are 22€ - via PPL (DHL)

For an order higher then 100€ the shipment is free of charge.


The delivery costs make 11€ - via PPL (DHL)

For an order higher then 100€ the shipment is free of charge.

Austria and Poland:

The delivery costs make 13€ - via PPL (DHL)

For an order higher then 100€ the shipment is free of charge.

All the other countries outside EU

The customer  will be informed well ahead about the delivery costs by means of a pro-forma invoice sent as an enclosure of our confirming e-mail.

The plants are despatched bare rooted, extremely well protected against drainage.

All the plants are marked by their names and the appropiate information in accordance with the official AHS checklist.



When ordering by means of our e-shop the customer may choose an appropriate currency. It is possible to pay in EUR, POUNDS, USD, and CZK. Our prices are exempt from the VAT.


Other conditions:

If for any reason happens that one or several articles are sold-out we are prepared to offer other varieties of similar properties and of the same or higher price. We ask the buyer by an e-mail or call for his approval of such a replacement.

Protection of personal data and appropriate information security. (GDPR)

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1. Pesonal data of the data subject which will be handed over to the controller during placing an order will be treated for the purpose of concluding a contract. The legal bases for personal data treatment of the data subject is the conclusion of a contract based on the order placed by the data subject.

2. The purpose of enabling the access to the personal data to the controler is the identification of contracting parties needed to conclude the contract which would not be possible without these data.

3. Personal data of the data subject will be treated for a period within which the controler is obliged to keep them according to generally applicable legally binding rules, it means for 5 years at least.

4. When treating the personal data no profiling by means of automated processing will be effected.

5. Personal data of the data subject may be handed over to the person providing transport services which the data sujbect had chosen, further to the persons providing accountancy and legal services.

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