In February 2018 we started our Referral Program. Considerable discounts are waiting for you. In combination they may achieve from 10 up to 20 percent. It depends on the client status. The procedure is very simple. It is sufficient to be registered in our web store the program leads you throughout the procedure.

We believe you will be satisfied both with our daylilies and our service.

In case you are interested in our discounts be so kind, please, and continue reading the following procedures and terms of use:

Dolce Daylily Farm Referral Program Terms of Use


  When you sign up with Dolce Daylily Farm  Referral Program, you can begin receive points every time Dolce Daylily Farm receives orders with your referral Code applied. You can then use these points when placing a new order with us and receive considerable discounts.

  How it works and who do you refer?

  First of all with our program there are associated no fees – it is FREE. If you mention our Referral Program to any of your friends, collegues, neighbours, acquaintances etc., and they place an order with us at they receive 10% discount on their order. At the same time you too receive 10% discount from your next order placed with us. The minimun daylily order authorizing any of our clients to receive credits is an aquivalent of EUR 10,- excluded daylily cultivars that are on sale. The points are valid 500 days. So you can use them when placing an order with us the next daylily season.

  Our affiliated program is a way that Dolce Daylily Farm endeavors to reward its customers at reduced prices. As mentioned above, to enroll in the program you will first need to sign up and accept our program terms and conditions. Upon registration and acceptance in our referral program, you will be issued a Code which must be used when placing any order via the online shopping cart proces if you want to receive the discount.

  The Points which you accumulate have no cash value. It is not possible to redeem them for cash. They may be used only towards purchases for Dolce Daylily Farm daylilies.

  Your Code and Points are personal to you and may not be shared with another person in any way.

  If you violate our Terms Dolce Daylily Farm reserves the right to terminate your account.

  If your account is inactive for three consecutive years we also reserve the right to unregister your Code.

  Dolce Daylily Farm reserves the right to change or modify these Terms of Use at any time and in its sole discretion. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the revisions to We also reserve the right to terminate our Referral Program at any time without notice to you.