Dear friends,

  Our Dolce Daylily Farm hemerocallis collection was founded by Vera and Eduard Stastny almost 50 years ago. Of course they were members of the American Hemerocallis Society from the very beginning of their activities. Step by step they begun to hybridize their cultivars and thus a valuable collection of their own crossings could be offeret to the general public. In 2004 most of them were involved in their e-shop. Every year part of the collection is diversified depending on the stock quantities. We are proud to have delivered our CZ cultivars to the Prague botanical gardens in Pruhonice and Troja.

  In 2018 we have lanced a new e-shop, initially having the address (still functional). In our new and much more user friendly e-shop our clients may compose their daylilies package according to numerous criteria, e.g. colour or type of the blossom, stem height or even some finer filters for the size of blossom, its fragrancy, etc. You may run it on your smartphone or tablet.

 We try to do our best to have the English version of our e-shop in English, not too much in CzEnglis.

 As we have a great regard for our customers, especially for those who repeat their orders, we have decided to start our Customer Loyalty and Referral Programs enabling to obtain considerable rates discounts. It is really very easy for any user to participate. The progamme leads you throughout the whole process. All you need is to be authorised for discounts, i.e. to be registered in the e-shop.

  We have enabled several payment methods, including secured payments by means of credit cards, or PayPal. Most of the shipments are realised either by the Czech Post Office or by the PPL shipping company. In case the value of the daylilies exceeds EUR 100,- the shipping costs and package are free of charge.

  During the last 15 years we have always tried to add some extras to our daylilies offer as for instance the Czech cut crystal glass or French wine from the Gascogne region. We want to continue in these activities and have a new offer for you:

  A daylily blossom lasts just a day. We have tried to find an opposite and have found it in diamonds. There is a way how to buy one (or more if you like). Just to spare some

extra money starting on 60 $ per month by means of the Refferal program called Diamond Certainty . You can protect your money against inflation and earn a lot.

You may also use our Blogs and Chats regardless the topic you want to discuss. We try our best to be on-line most of the time. Just do not hesitate to send us your comments and questions. We speak Czech, English, French and Dutch. Understand Slovak, Russian, Polish and German.

We believe firmly that even after almost 50 years of experience in the daylily market our Dolce Daylily Farm will be meeting your demands to your full satisfaction.

 Sincerely yours,

 Dolce Daylily Farm